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Beginner Knitting w/ Jean, two parts ~ Monday, May 14 and 21, 6pm

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Jean’s Beginner Knitting class is taught in two, 2-hour sessions.  At the first session (May 14), we’ll look at yarns, needles, and equipment, view some finished work, and discuss the kinds of things you’ll be able to create as you master the techniques taught in the class. Then the fun begins!  You’ll learn to cast on stitches and knit them.  At the second session (May 21), you’ll learn the purl stitch and how to bind off.  As time and proficiency permits, we’ll see ways to increase and decrease stitches, look at pattern sources and pattern reading, and make an I-cord. Yarn and needles are provided, so just relax, bring yourself and a willingness to learn this fun and productive skill. This class is held at the Lucy Gunn store at 115 Osborne Street in downtown Saint Marys, GA. Mon, May 14 and 21 from 6-8pm. Cost per student is $30. This class is appropriate for ages 9 and beyond.