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Beginner Sewing ~ Session #6, Tues, May 15, morning

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**This listing is for Session #6 of Penny's Sewing series - Tues, May 15, from 10am-12pm.**

Penny's Beginner Sewing class will be held twice a month from March through June for a total of 9 classes. These progressive learning style classes will be 2-hours each.  Every 2-hour session is listed on our Shopify site separately. You may purchase one session at a time or you may purchase the entire series of 9 classes. We have provided a listing for the entire series if you want to ensure that you have a reserved seat for the complete 9 class series.  

*In March, we'll focus on learning our sewing machine, basic stitches, how to lay out and cut patterns and essential tools. 

*Beginning in April we'll learn about fabrics and create sample projects to learn basic techniques.    

*During May and June we'll learn how to sew a zipper, button holes and attach trims and piping. 

So bring your sewing machine and let's get started learning a skill that will provide you with endless possibilities! This class is held at the Lucy Gunn store in downtown Saint Marys, GA. Held every other week from 10am to 12pm, beginning Tues March 6, until Tues June 26. 
*Cost per student is $30 per session or, if you prefer, look for our listing for the entire series of 9 classes at $270. This class is appropriate for age 10 and beyond.