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Handmade Bead Making and Necklace Class w/ Pam ~ Friday, June 22, 1pm

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Join Pam Aronow for a fun filled beginners bead making class.
You will learn to make beads using cloth, paper and Tyvek (a thin synthetic material). Once the basic techniques are learned for making each type of bead, we will learn how to embellish them. You‘ll end up with unique beads you won’t find anywhere in a store. The possibilities are endless! Once your beads are made, Pam will teach you to make a necklace. You will go away with several handmade beads and a necklace. All supplies are included for this class, but if you have elements you would like add to your beads such as seed beads or other tiny elements, feel free to bring them. Pam asks if you own a heat gun, please bring it. This class is held on Friday, June 22 at 1pm at the Lucy Gunn store in downtown Saint Marys, GA. Cost for class is $35. See you there!