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Knitting Beyond the Basics, Skill Set #3 ~ Tues, Jan 22, 6pm

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These are not beginner knitting classes! By popular demand, these are the next steps in knitting. The prerequisites are that you know how to do a cast on, knit, purl, and bind off. Please bring knitting needles and compatible yarn. There will be free worsted weight yarn available (for needle sizes 7-9). We are offering three different skill set sessions, 2-hour each. Each individual session is $18. Lots of date choices! Mix and match! Choose a skill set that fits your need. Take them all or just take what you need! This listing is for Skill Set #3, Tuesday, Jan 22 from 6-8pm. 

Descriptions of each session:

Skill Set #1: *More ways to cast on and bind off *Increases and decreases *Gauge * I-cord

Skill Set #2: * basic stitches – ribbing, seed, moss *yarn over *joining new yarn *working on circular needles

 Skill Set #3: *pattern reading *tassels, fringes, pom poms, duplicate stitch